Tom Dixon, Bolide Chair, Cappellini, Limited edition 2006

Dixon designed a first version of the legendary Bolide long chair back in 1988.

It all began as a study for a springy and flexible seat, in the shape of a metal structure inspired by animal skeletons. Then it had a first coating with papercord, until the last refined design in 1991, eventually issued only later by Cappellini in 2006.

"Furniture is usually such a static expression of form, yet objects definitely have personality and character. So my train of thought on this piece was, why should they always be so immobile? That’s why rocking chairs are such a fantastic typology. The Bolide was an attempt to rethink the motion – rather than back-and-forth it’s an up-and-down action with an occasional slight wobble sideways, just like sitting on the springy branch of a tree."

The chair is an enormous S shape, almost floating magically in the air for the lack of any sort of back support. More a beautiful sculpture then a chair, it is rather unforgettable for its extraordinary comfort. As Dixon himself pointed out, "in this case, where the form seems so exaggerated and out of proportion, there is very little in the shape that is superfluous to its intended use. The motion is made possible by the extravagant cantilever. Despite this, the result is peculiarly one of the more decorative and extravagant pieces I have ever produced."

(Tom Dixon's quotes are from his Dixonary, published by Violette Editions)

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